Zennor Circular Walk

Zennor Circular Walk - South West Coast Path Walk

This is a walk for the stout-hearted and stout-booted only. One of the most spectacular stretches of the South West Coast Path, if you only get chance to walk a few miles of the 630-mile path, pick this section. Take the coast path from Porthmeor Beach in St Ives, and strike out towards Zennor. It’s a rugged walk, and you’ll need to watch your step as well as the view – so take time to pause and admire the walk’s many scenic spots.

Highlights include the Man Rock at the start of the walk in St Ives – you’ll know which one we mean when you see it! Look out for the ruins of the Klavji (literally “sick-house”) the old leper hospital, whose name has gradually become “Clodgy Point”. You’ll also see Seal Island, and stop to admire the ocean at the Trig point. Head inland toward Zennor – and the welcome sight of the Tinners Arms.

After some reviving refreshment, head back the way you came, or follow the inland path back to St Ives. This is known as the “Coffin Path”, the route of many local villagers’ final journeys to St Senara’s church (the road wasn’t built until the early 1800s). Alternatively, there’s a bus service into St Ives.