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Booking safely – top tips for users

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How do I respond to ads safely?

We’ve got a wise filter system which prevents spam or suspicious mails from getting to you.
This saves you time and a number of other issues when are scammer hoping to reach you.
In addition, we hide your email address once you message someone.
Remember that you always need to log in through our site portal.
Find us on Google or Bing search or pin us into your favorites.
Do not follow links you get in emails as it’s a “phishing” tactic.


What potential risks are there?

Since our internal messaging system protects you, there may be certain individuals who ask you to take the conversation away from our site, on either your personal email or text messages. Just be cautious should you choose to do so. Whilst browsing, you might find some ads with either email addresses or telephone numbers incorporated into their photos.

Be very careful when proceeding in this case and do not hesitate to contact us to report them. If the scammer would like to get really smart, they might have a YouTube link added in their advert which takes you to some video with contact information on it. Feel free to report these advertisements to us so that we are able to directly intervene on our side. It may save someone a great deal of trouble.


  • Never pay for any goods in advance unless it’s through a reputable site or merchant.
  • Be careful about carrying cash to pay for goods: or else pay with a bank draft.
  • Ensure you have full access to your purchase or reservation when making payment.
  • Use secure online payment methods or cash and bank drafts when paying for services where possible.
  • Never pay for services through Western Union or other money transfer services.