St. Just in Roseland Church

St. Just in Roseland Church

A very tidy little country church on the banks of a creek, made remarkable by its beautiful setting. The slope of the land means that you can stand at the lych gate entrance to the churchyard, and find yourself at a level with the top of the church tower, while the body of the church stretches out far below you.

An ancient legend says that the church stands at the spot where Joseph of Arimathea came ashore with Jesus (think of Blakes line, '... And was the holy Lamb of God On England's pleasant pastures seen?'). A stone by the creek is said to be the one on which Jesus stepped when leaving his boat, and the stone is inscribed with undecipherable carvings.

The current building dates to 1261, when it was built to replace a Norman church attached to Plympton Priory. John le Sor, Lord of Tolverne, successfully prised the living away from the priory, in exchange for agreeing to give 13s 4d from parish revenues to the Priory each year. The amount is still paid to this day, though it now goes to the heirs of the last prior of Plympton.


St Just in Roseland