King Edward Mine Museum

King Edward Mine Museum

King Edward Mine Museum in Troon, near Camborne specialises in the history of Cornish mining, telling the remarkable story of how the mine has survived for 100 years. In the tin processing mill machinery can be seen in action just as it would have been in the early 1900s. The Mineral Tramways cycle trail passes nearby connecting up the mine with a wealth of other heritage and leisure sites.

The King Edward Mine at Camborne, Cornwall, in the United Kingdom is a mine wholly owned by the Camborne School of Mines of the University of Exeter.

At the end of the 19th century students at the Camborne School of Mines spent much of their time doing practical mining and tin dressing work in the local tin mines. The industry was almost in terminal decline and the surviving mines were falling behind technically. This was hardly ideal from the instruction point of view. The only real solution was for Camborne School of Mines to have its own underground mine. Polgine,mine Troon which closed in 1827 to reopen again between 1835–9. all trace of the mine has now disappeared


King Edward Mine Museum




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