Grylls Monument

Grylls Monument

The Humphry Millet Grylls Monument is the imposing Victorian Gothic structure which stands majestically at the bottom of Coinagehall Street and the entrance to the Helston Bowling Green.

The lovely granite ashlar building with butresses and four tall octangonal pinnicles was erected in 1834 and was formerly encompassed by stout protective railings which were withdrawn during the 1939-45 war for scrap metal.

Humphry Millet Grylls who died in 1834 was, as the tablet in the Parish Church bears, a prominent citizen of Helston. He rendered outstanding service to the district in 1830 by using his influence with the banks to keep open the Wheal Vor mines at a time of recession.

In gratitude for this he was presented with “an elegant silver vase”. The minutes of the Committee formed to choose this show subscriptions, limited to five shillings, poured in from all classes. From the labourers of the mines of Wheal Vor, Herland and Balnoon to such notabilities as the Duke of Leeds, Davis, Gilbert and Sir Richerd Vyvyan and including five Reverends.


53 Coinagehall St


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