Coast Path – Penzance to Marazion

South West Coast Path - Penzance to Marazion

This walk starts in the town of Penzance, in the far south west corner of Cornwall. It passes along the beach, one of the most beautiful in the world, to St Michael's Mount. This unique island, with castle, is linked to the village of Marazion by a causeway at low tide and ferry at high tide and is open to the public.

This walk does involve some road walking out of Penzance, although there is a footpath, the road is busy. Once past that, there is a path at the back of the beach, or you can walk on the beach. The walk is fairly short and mostly flat, other than a brief climb as you leave Penzance.

As you continue along the sea wall, your peace may be briefly disturbed by the 30 seater Sikorsky helicopters taking visitors to and from the Isles of Scilly. This service was started in 1964 and is the longest running scheduled helicopter service in the world and operates every day apart from Sundays.

During summer the boulders forming the sea defences are full of wild flowers such as the pink mallow whose waxy leaves help conserve moisture in the harsh dry, salty conditions, that would kill most other plants. There are regular paths off the sea wall down onto Long Rock Beach, and dogs are allowed on this beach all year.


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